NL14 – Centronics Printer Interface to ICL System Ten Mini-Computer

1980 Dual MC68705P3S based design

This board plugged into various Centronics and compatible Printers such as the Centronics 1551S, Centronics Band Printers, and the Microline Series.

My board used a pair of Motorola MC68705P3S’s. Each microprocessor had 1.7KB of internal EPROM. This board was the first commerial use of the MC68705P3S and went into production using pre-production chips. There was a bug with the oscillator section that caused a respin of the pre-production chips before final release. As I did not use the feature with the bug, Motorola agreed to supply me with pre-production chips so that I could release my product.

Those were the days where you could actually talk to the chip designers!