FT232 (Cluso’s PropPlug replacement)

Cluso's FT232

The FT232 board uses the traditional (authentic) FT232RL FTDI chip to perform the USB conversion to serial TTL.


  • PCB 0.6″x0.75″ 1.6mm thick Purple ENIG (gold finish)
  • Parallax PropPlug equivalent with additional 5VDC output from USB available
  • Authentic FT232RL integrated circuit
  • Mini USB connector (cable not supplied)
  • TxLED & RxLED pins feed a common LED, indicating when data is being sent and/or received
  • Onboard Transistor Reset Circuit connected to DTR (PropPlug equivalent)
  • For other micros, a spare pin can be connected to RTS or CTS
  • USB 5VDC is available on the connector via a link, or on header with GND

The required USB cable is quite commonly used for cameras and phones and is likely to be in the home/office already.