Yes! It is really the size of a matchbox!


The RamBlade is a Single Board Computer based on a Parallax P8X32A Propeller microprocessor. It runs an OS (operating system) and is able to emulate a Z80 microprocessor and run the CP/M 2.2 Operating System.


  • PCB 1.2"x1.9" (30x48mm) - fits inside a matchbox!
  • Propeller P8X32A microprocessor chip
  • EEPROM 64KB with WE link (pre-programmed to boot from SD card)
  • SRAM 512KB
  • microSD socket (preprogrammed microSD card optional extra)
  • Crystal 5.00/6.00/6.50MHz in socket (for overclocking to 104MHz)
  • Can run (free) ZiCog (Z80 emulation software) and CP/M 2.2 programs
  • Can run (free) Catalina C programs
  • Can run (free) PropOS (Cluso's Propeller Operating System)
  • 2 spare I/O pins to run serial TTL terminal -or-
  • 1-pin monochrome TV & 1-pin PS2 Keyboard
  • Requires regulated 3V3 DC or use optional 3V3 regulator

Together with a microSD card formatted with FAT16/32 and loaded with my free PropOS (Propeller Operating System with similar commands to the old PC DOS and CPM), the Prop will boot into PropOS. From there the user can run ZiCog and CPM or other user programs. An expensive PropPlug is not required.


Further information is available on the Parallax Forums, including schematics and my free Prop OS download including source...






ZiCog & CPM (Z80 emulation & CP/M 2.2 on the Propeller microprocessor):