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All parcels are posted by unregistered airmail from Australia at the buyers risk. Please email me if you would prefer to ship via registered/courier alternatives at additional cost.


While I keep some bare pcbs plus parts in stock, I usually have to solder and test the board(s) for you.

All my tiny boards have very small smt components that are difficult to hand solder unless you are a quite experienced. While I used to hand solder my boards, I now use a professional IR oven and solder paste screens for most of my boards.



Product Pricing as at 13 March 2018. Prices subject to change without notice.
PictureProduct NameDescriptionPrice excluding P&PComments
P8XBlade2aP8XBlade2Propeller, 96MHz, 64KB Eeprom, microSD, 3V3 Vreg, opt Reset CctUS$20.00 w/o uSD card
US$32.00 w uSD card

RamBladePropeller, 104MHz, 64KB Eeprom, microSD, opt 3V3 VregUS$27.00 w/o uSD card
US$39.00 w uSD card
CpuBlade_pic1CpuBladePropeller, 80/96/104MHz, 64KB Eeprom, opt Reset cct, 3V3 Vreg(nil stock)see P8XBlade2
else email me
MemBlade_pic1MemBladeSRAM 512KB 55ns, microSD, 3V3 Vreg(nil stock)
see RamBlade
email me
FT232_pic2FT232FT232RL, TX/RX LED, PropPlug cct (TX/RX/RST), +5V USB avail(nil stock)email me
Shipping: Unregistered Airmail to most countries from Australia. Allow 28 days to most countries. US, UK and some EU usually 14 days.$US4.00 for up to 4 itemsemail me for more than 4 items