The TriBladeProp is a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on three Parallax Propeller microprocessor chips. Each Propeller microprocessor contains 8 RISC microprocessor cores on the one chip (see


Features include SRAM, Flash, microSD, VGA, composite video (TV), PS2 Keyboard and Mouse, power regulators and USB interface to PC.


One Propeller does the procesing with extra SRAM (512KB/1MB of static RAM memory),  and a microSD socket for up to 2GB 8GB of external memory.

Emulation of popular "retro" computers may be run on this chip. A Z80 emulation (called ZiCog) runs CP/M 2.2 on this chip.


The second Propeller acts as a terminal with VGA and/or composite video (TV) outputs and PS2 style connectors for Keyboard and Mouse.


The third Propeller provides additional I/O for interfacing to external boards.